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Yes... The 'BLUE' shirts...

So.. apparently last night I thought it'd be fun to not go back to sleep. Oh man... bad idea when it came to my Physics test (which I totally failed, might I add) I got to the point of just putting stuff so I wouldn't fall asleep. The Mozart shit in the background didn't help.

While I was awake all night, I drew the design to our "blue shirts". It's sad... I had other homework, but instead I decided to draw something that had absolutely nothing to do with schoolwork. Bah. I didn't start getting sleepy till like 5, but it was entirely too late to go to sleep, so instead I started getting ready for school and got there at like 7:50. Paula was already there from riding the bus and I talked to her for awhile.

Mrs. Anderson, again refused to yell at me about not having a job. Interesting, she is.. Mood swings, she has.. haha. I did learn how not to die when being robbed while working though. "That's a handy little piece of information to have ryte thurr." lmao.. I amuse myself.

Yesterday I was reading through some old LJ posts and I realized how insanely random and pointless my entries used to be (more so than now, which is incredibly sad) I do not know how my dear loved ones bared to read them.. I <3 them. All 2 of them. hahaha (<3 Tammy and Dani <3)

I did not do my Art homework. Amused, Ms. James was not. We did this thing where we took a picture and drew it, but used the compliments of the colors (like for green, we use red.) and then took different values (for white, black) It was insanely confusing and mine looks like a blue blob. OMFG! which reminds me. Traci is pretty much the funniest person ever. I let her listen to the Sunset Grey cd I have cuz we were talking about how Chelsea is in a band or whatnot and she busted out laughing. She thought that one song that says "blue balls in ur mouth" said "blue blob in ur mouth" (which isnt much better) and she was all "Ashley.. What is this? Take this hot mess." I laughed incredibly hard that day... good times with the Black Girl.

I get emotional when I'm tired. You'd think I'd be angry, but nope.. only when I first wake up. When I havn't had any sleep at all I get sad and happy really easily. I was on the brink of tears like three times today for no reason! I was like "dammit.. stop being a fucking girl!"

After school Tammy and Gaby went to Chili's without me. I had no money. :( <~~ me being sad. Being poor = suckiness. But, it's ok, cuz I came home and called that place that I conveniently forgot the name of again and now I have an interview scheduled for Friday at 11:00 a.m. Boo to having to wake up early on a day off. Oh well, if I get the job I will be happy. All's well that ends well. But, after I called them me and my sister watched her sonogram tape. Her baby has a big head. lol It must be Adam's hahaha No.. I refuse to be related to a Hall. bah. But, Nici's only having one.. so she can't give me one. (which she was going to do if she had twins.) lol

After that I went to sleep and woke up to type this stupid story piece of crap thing. Creative Writing is no longer a blow off class and that makes me sad. When Mr. G says 250 words.. 138 will not do. I also learned that Terrence's name is NOT Jordan.. must remember that. Damn Tammy and her influential ways. God he has sex hair. I want his hair. I shall steal it in his sleep.

Here's my story (Skip this part if you like.):

His heart stopped. He felt faint. His ears burned and his face was
still red from running up the three flights of stairs. He stood in the doorway, looking upon the source of the scream. Her face was flushed. She was lying on her side, her head resting on one arm as the other lay motionless in front of her. Her long chestnut hair, once praised for its beauty, now matted with blood. He rushed to her side and shook her violently, but could not wake her from her slumber. "Why did this happen?" He asked himself, trying to make sense of it. It was then that he glanced up to see the small oak jewelry box missing from her dresser. He felt overcome with disgust. "Madison..." he whispered to himself, realizing what should have been obvious from the start. Just then, the figure on the floor stirred slightly. He rushed to help her, relieved that she was still alive. He moved her head to rest it in his lap as she came to. "What happened?" she whispered, grabbing her head in pain. "It's okay. He's gone now," he reassured her, compassionately. "Did he take it? I'm sorry. I tried to stop him." She said, as a tear rolled down her cheek. He pulled her close. "You shouldn't have." She looked up at him, surprised. "But, It was so important to you. I wanted to protect it." He embrassed her softly. "The most important thing in the world to me, is you."

But anyhow.. I must go throw belongings into orange bag for Hell tomorrow.

"How are we going to teach kids to read good when they can't even fit inside the building?! This has to be... At least... Three times bigger!"
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