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It's a LONG WAY to the TOP if you wanna ROCK N ROLL!!

Fourteen Random Things You Like:

01) telling pointless stories
02) saying random stuff that's only funny to me b/c only I understand what goes on in my head
03) Funny movies
04) telling dumb jokes
05) chatrooms with Danielle and Tammy
06) going to the mall with Paula
07) PSP8
08) Art
09) drawing ugly stuff and making ppl say it's purdy
10) tea
11) my kitties!
12) maintstream music (hahaha)
13) Disney
14) hot guys (especially hot guys that like to kiss other hott guys just for the hell of it..)(u thought that was gunna be #1, didnt u?)

Twelve Movies:
01) Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
02) Dude, Where's My Car?
03) Dogma
04) Harry Potter
05) School of Rock
06) Grease
07) Pirates of the Caribbean
08) Donnie Darko
09) The Goonies
10) Bringing Down the House
11) 10 Things I Hate About You
12) The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Eleven Good Bands / Artists:
01) 3 Doors Down
02) Bloodhoung Gang
03) Eminem
04) Nirvana
05) Red Hot Chili Peppers
06) Garth Brooks
07) Matchbox 20
08) Maroon 5
09) Hoobastank
10) Dashboard Confessional
11) Cake

Ten Things About You:
01) I'm a nerd
02) I hate people
03) I don't believe in love
04) I like goats
05) I can do a kickass impression of Britney Spears (lmao. no, not really...)
06) I HATE mornings
07) I love dorks
08) I like the word "fuck"
09) I like taking medicine when not sick.. (should I admit that?)
10) I like gay guys.. (It's a curse)

Nine Good Friends:
01) Jessica
02) Paula
03) Jon
04) Danielle
05) Tammy
06) Jeremy
07) Traci
08) Corey
09) Isaac

Eight Favorite Foods/Drinks:
01) Pizza
02) chicken sandwhich
03) tea
04) pepsi
05) brocoli
06) fajitas
07) boiled shrimp
08) ...?

Seven Things You Wear Daily:
01) contacts
02) shoes/flip-flops
03) bracelet
04) ... I don't know.. It varies..

Six Things That Annoy You:
01) Michael
02) liars
03) over-exaggerators
04) ppl that call too much
05) ppl that lie about my friends
06) Michael

Five Things You Touch Everyday:
01) toothbrush
02) bed (except when I decide to be an insomniac and not sleep for 3 days as I tend to do during the Summer... such as now. It is 10:30 AM and I have not been to sleep yet)
03) computer
04) kitty
05) fish food

Four Shows You Watch:
01) Smallville
02) Boy Meets World
03) Will and Grace
04) Friends

Three Stores You Shop At:
01) Wal-Mart (whatWHAT) hahaha
02) Bath and Body Works
03) Hot Topic (*hangs head in shame*)

Two Video Games/Computer Games You Play:
01) solitaire
02) np

One Person You Could Spend The Rest Of Your Life With:
01) I could not live with only one person forever. I would die. Or kill them.
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