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such opinionation

Abortion?: umm.. I'm gunna have to say pro-choice. I wouldn't have one, but I would like the option to... I hate ppl tellin me I can't do shits...
Death Penalty?: "If you come to Texas and kill someone, we will kill you back. It's our policy." - yayyyuh!
Prostitution?: ppl do it all the time, its just not called prostitution. I bet that little boy that M.J. was raping was in it for the money...
Alcohol?: I wouldn't trust myself drunk... and it tastes nasty... so, I'm guessing I'm for it... hahaha
Marijuana?: No. Bad. No. Evil. Stay illegal! <does that make me sound like a prude? Other drugs?: No drugs... Drugs are bad Gay marriage?: Totally for it. Give the homos a ceremony and certificate! Illegal immigrants?: Go back to Arkansas! Smoking?: I'm allergic to it, so no... bad... makes me die. Drunk driving?: Drunk driving makes me angry. Cloning?: Let's clone Hayden Lackey about 20 times... wouldn't that be fun?! Racism?: Black ppl should be thanking white ppl for bringing their ancestors here... what is their problem..? (hahaha inside joke) Premarital sex?: It's ok, as long as it has good intentions and isn't just for a lay. I think ugly reproduction poses more of a problem than this... Religion?: umm... I'm kinda at an awkward point as far as this is concerned The war in Iraq?: necessary....not fun but necessary (I agree w/Tammy) Bush?: America only doesn't like him b/c of the war, and the war is necessary, so he's ok I guess... He needs to hurry up with this war business tho, so we can impeach him... hahaha Downloading music?: Free illegal shit! whoohoo! The legal drinking age?: 21 is a good age. Porn?: Doesn't sew my buttons.. (wth? that is the dumbest one I've ever said) Suicide?: The single most selfish thing someone could do. No one can say they've never thought about it, but there's a big difference between thinkin it and doin it...
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