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Honky Humor
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Saturday, September 18th, 2004
11:53 am
Come as you are.. as you were.. as I want you to be..
Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...mysterious
Your hugs are...warm
Your eyes...twinkle in the moonlight
Your touch is...awakening my heart
Your smell is...beautiful
Your smile is...encouraging
Your love is...eternal
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hmm... odd

So... Ashley has a job *pauses for applauding to stop* ..yeah.. so the lady person did want me to start on Friday at 3. I didn't actually work, it was just orientation. I get paid, but it was only an hr and a half and thats the only day that will be on the paycheck so I'll get like a 5 dollar paycheck. lol anyways.. I officially start Monday at 3, which is good b/c I get this whole weekend off and she said that this is the only time that this will happen for a really long time, so I better take advantage of it.. oh I will. (doing homework) bah! ..anyways, it looked pretty interesting, I think I will like it. I owe Paula 10 dollars. I told her that if I got the job then I would give her 10 dollars. lol ..and I told my sister that I would take her out to Chili's with my first paycheck (she's obviously going to have to wait till the second one, though. lol) Josh Rankin works up there. He started Friday. He talked to me and this girl Zuri that was doing orientation with me for a little while in the break room. *shrugs* he was okay..

Monday - 3:00-9:00
Tuesday - 3:00-9:00
Wednesday - 3:00-9:00
Thursday - off (sleep)
Friday - 3:00-10:00
Saturday - 2:15-9:30
Sunday - off (sleep/homework)

I have to work on my Birthday. :( I won't be home but for a few hours on it. That makes me sad.. maybe I'll skip school that day. lol .. No, I can't miss school, or then I have to miss work too. Damn co-op and their "rules".

I did have a driving time scheduled for Wednesday, but I'm going to have to cancel it.. I have one tomorrow. I'll go to that one though. Then I'll only have one left. Then after that one.. it's on to a license.

One day last week, I felt special. Mrs. Anderson said that she didn't want to kick me out of co-op b/c I was really smart and she knew someone would hire me. haha And Mrs. James said that my Artwork was excellent compared to last year. She called and left my mom a message cuz I didn't turn in this one assignment and she said that what I had turned in so far was "beautiful artwork" lol

Paula came over last night and we worked on the gov't project and then we went and drove around in my cousin, Jeanie's car. My mom was mad b/c Jeanie let me go by myself, but oh well.. It wasn't her car. I ended up going to Jeanie's house after we took Paula home and staying the night I woke up at like 10:30. I feel like SHIT. Tammy got me sick. I TOLD HER we shouldn't make out while she was sick...lmao But, I feel a little better now than when I woke up cuz I took some medacine. I didn't go to sleep until like 3 or 4 though so I didnt think that I would wake up till like 2. *shrugs*

Ummm.. what else? I have sooo much homework. That's why I got started last night. I'm about to go to Paula's to work on the gov't some more cuz I won't be able to Monday. Hopefully we can pretty much finish it before we have to leave. I still have to finish that damn book and I'm still on page 27. oh well.. I gotta go get ready now.

Current Mood: sick/motivated
Monday, September 6th, 2004
6:42 pm
I hope she's happy with him...
Saturday and Sunday sucked ass. Sucked, sucked, sucked. I spent most of the time in my room listening to music. bah. Bad days.

Today was okay. My mom woke me up early to go shopping. We went to WalMart and we bought my sister a lot of baby stuff. I bought it a rainbow shirt and a bib that says "fruit" and has a watermelon and strawberry on it. I told her that if it's a boy he's still going to wear them. We're gunna have us a little fag. I stole her some socks. They're white with little pink hearts on them. If she has a boy I'm gunna take a picture of it wearing them. lol My grandma STOLE Passion of the Christ.. She's going to Hell. lol

Then we went to Sam's and bought a lot of shit. We put in our film. Between me and my mom we had like 8 cameras. When we get them out I think we're gunna buy some ink. Then I can scan pictures. yay. I bought a big ass box of laffy taffys. The stretchy/tangy bar kinds. yum.

Yay, tomorrow I get my yearbook. Maybe I'll try to get to school early and go get it with Paula. Anyways.. mother wants on.

Current Mood: optimistic
6:17 pm
Cheers for Gay things

-Corey apparently was insanely drunk in this picture. That would be him (with the sailor hat) and his friend, Alex (the really cute one) I have much more respect for Corey now that I have seen that...

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, September 4th, 2004
12:44 pm
Yesterday was a good, good day. I woke up at 9:30 cuz I had that interview at 11:00 and my mom kept yelling at me to get ready. But anyway.. I went up there and had to sit down and wait for the lady and then the lady came up and called me back and then I took like 5 tests. They were insanely easy though. "Which of these is right? a)reciept b) receit c) receipt d) reicet" It's like.. "uhh... duh" but actually, the spelling test was the hardest. cuz theres all those choices and they all look right. lol But, there was a typing (49 wpm), spelling, grammar, comprehension, and something else. But, yeah... then after I was done this girl took me in this room for an "interview". It was pretty much just basic questions. She said that my scores were the best she had seen all day (it was only noon by then though lol) .. but yeah.. she said I did really well and that she didn't see anything restricting me from getting the job and that having Hal recommend me was a big plus. (He rarely ever recommends anyone) She said the guy that decides whether or not I'm hired is out of town and won't be back until Tuesday, and I should hear from them by Tuesday night and if I didn't hear from them, then to call her.

When I got home me, my sister and Adam took Branden and this other insanely annoying boy to Chuckie Cheese and played some games. Some of their games are really fun. lol Adam made Branden steal this guy's tickets when he walked off. lol Then we went to McDonald's and Adam asked if they were hiring and they said yes so he spent like an hour talking to the manager and filling shit out and he got the job. lol Adam works at McDonald's... That's funny.

Then we took them home and went to Buddy's Sporting Goods to see about getting the shirts. The lady said they couldn't make my design unless we ordered at least 10 shirts and the design would cost 5 bucks per shirt. I was like uh.. negative. So, I'm gunna call around and see if I can find someone else. Then I went to the highschool for face painting for the football game and that was really fun. Traci came to help too. Danielle came up there. She wouldn't let me paint her face. She made Traci do it. Too bad mine would have looked better. lol I got 3 hours. It should have been 2 1/2, but shh. I think I only have like 10 hrs. lol I kinda forgot to turn in a couple of my forms or I would have like 15. lol

Me and Jeanie went to WalMart at like 10:00 and got my sister 2 really cute outfits for her baby. Then I came home and went to sleep.

Current Mood: productive
11:48 am
Annoy the media. Re-elect Bush. hahaha
Thursday sucked. Tammy sucks at life for not going to school. I had to endure the satan-like wrath of Mrs. Reynolds all by myself. foo-koo, Tammy, foo-koo. hahaha. I made a 53 on my Physics test. Higher than I thought it was gunna be. lol We did a lab and I got called to the office cuz I didn't turn in my utility bill yet.. so I got down there, stood for like 10 minutes, then realized what they called me for, went back to the room, got the bill.. then went back down and turned it in. Then by time I got back everyone was done with the lab so this nifty Mexican boy in front of me let me copy his.

Then in Hospitality, Mrs. Anderson called everyone up that didn't have a job and when she got to me, I told her that I didn't have a job, but I had an interview Friday, so she asked me for the #. I gave it to her and then sat down and started talking to this girl, Anna, that sits behind me. She's Asian and she's really nice. Asian people love me. :) Anyway.. then she was all like "Did u hear that? Mrs. Anderson just gave those two girls the number to the place ur applying to." I was like "What?!" ..that pissed me off. Let's just add more competition to Ashley, shall we? Boo.

Anyway.. then in Art we did a still life and it sucked. I'm like 3 assignments behind, like always. Traci came in and there was only like 25 minutes of class left. lol Ms. James kept yelling at her for talking to me. It was funny. Then after class I stayed in there to work on some stuff while she went to do something and it was 4th period when I was in there and these 2 boys came by. I remember one of them from last year cuz he tried to kick Josh Styers's ass. That was funny. His name was Josh too. But, anyway.. I wasn't supposed to let anyone in, so I went and opened the door and told then that Ms. James wasn't in there and Josh was like "That's nice" and then they walked in. I was like 'uhh..' but sat down cuz i wasnt about to argue with him. They just like looked around and, of course, messed up the still life, then left. Then Ms. James came back and then they called the ppl down for the pep rally.

I couldn't find Danielle or Paula so I had to sit with a bunch of Juniors. The pep rally pretty much sucked. The ones last year were better cuz it was like 'whoo. I'm gunna be a senior. I can't wait' and now I'm a senior and it's like 'hmm.. what do I have to look forward to now?' ..The highhats and drill teams performances were pretty good. Karlyn sucked though. She wasn't with everyone else and kept looking at the other people to see what came next. I think next pep rally we should make a huge banner that says 'KARLYN CAN'T DANCE!' and hold it up during her performance. Boo to Karlyn.

Then after the pep rally I found Paula and we went to wait for the bus. There was this hot junior waiting with Loren. MmMm Paula said he's an ass. He looks like an ass. He's still hot though. On the bus I had to sit by Paula cuz the hot junior stole the seat next to her. I could have taken the one behind Loren, but I wanted to sit by Paula so I could talk to her. But, we were talking and then the hot Junior (I should learn his name) was all like "What's your shirt say?" and I was like "Hogwarts" and then Loren was like "Your shirt says Hogwarts? .. You know it doesn't exist right?" and I was all "...yeaaah" and he was like "I used to look like Harry Potter" and I was like "I heard" and he was like "I used to wear glasses, but I had to take them off to run faster cuz ..." and I didn't hear the rest. I was staring at him and not listening. He has pretty eyes. lol But anyway and I just like nodded my head and was like "cool" lol and he was all "I have a bellybutton" (I guess to fill the awkward silence) and I was like "You also have a camel" and we was like "horseshit. How do u know about my camel?" and then he was like "Hi Paula" and I was like "yeah.. I talked to you on the phone a couple times." and he nodded and then sat back. Then we went to the ninth grade to pick up some people and Vanessa and Deysi rode the late bus (our bus) so that they could see me *beams proudly* and Vanessa gave me a rainbow that someone painted on a piece of cardboard and I told Paula not to steal it. (I had a dream that Paula stole my rainbow once) lmao. then we all got off at their stop and me n paula went to her house then we were gunna do homework but we were too tired, so we were like screw it and I went home.

My mom and grandma were talking about "celebrating".. I was mad cuz they wouldn't tell me what we were celebrating and my mom said that my grma got a check for $600 for her retirement and I was like yay! and then I went to sleep.

Current Mood: artistic
Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
4:54 pm
So.. today pretty much sucked, which sucked more cuz it was an A day.

Tammy was late and I had to stay in English all by myself. We took ID pictures and I (of course) looked like shit. Speaking of pictures, I need to get my scanner fixed so I can start posting pictures in here. Maybe If I get that job then I can buy some ink. (dont ask why I need ink for my scanner to work. *sigh*) anyways.. then gov't sucked cuz... well, it always sucks.

Creative writing even sucked and I love that class. Bah. Maybe it was because Mr. G was being an ass and b/c he insisted on seperating me and Tammy and putting me with Mary Flock and Deidra Dallas. Boo.

After school was fun, though entirely too depressing. Apparently Tammy and Gaby are the two most pessimistic people ever and that is fucking sad coming from me. Anyway.. we talked about stuff and guys and determined that life pretty much sucks and we are all now very aware that a lot of things are pretty much inexistent. lol

But I thought it would be fun to read my old Deadjournal entries and that's what I'm doing now. Man I had like NO selfesteem when I was friends with Chelsea. My self esteem wasn't low, it just wasnt present at all. Every post says how stupid I am at least once.

the first couple were from back when I liked Aaron. Man, was I obsessed with him. So sad. lots of stuff I don't remember happening, which is why I like writing in these things. Like "The Butterfly Effect" I can't remember anything for shit, so I must write it down and reminisce later. lol

One day in Spanish in 10th grade Garrett accidentally called me a "him" then stole my lazer pointer. Bastard never gave that back either lol. I forgot about that. But, of course I let it slide cuz he's hot. lol

and then this :

"I wanted to kick this girl's ass in Spanish today.. ooh she made me mad. Like me and my friend Kortney (not that one, Chelsea) were doing our exam (I gave him every answer but like 6 and I do not know any spanish, whatsoever) but anyways and he asked this boy for the answer to #1 (yes, #1 lol) and he said C and then the girl next to him was like "why bother, just tell him 'fuck you'" I was like uh uh, cuz I already can't stand that bitch... I told Kortney and he got mad, but dismissed it, bc she was 'below' him anyway. "

That was about Ashley Henley. God, I hate her. That reminds me of when I used to go "Omg! Garrett! quit! Stop poking me, Garrett! Omg, stop!" hahaha o man.. good times..

Then lmao. I should tell Danny about this :

"my friend Stephanye has been telling me all year that she was gunna trip this girl, Karlyn and I was like whatever, but today me and stephanye were just standing there and Karlyn had to go between us and she fucking tripped her! but, i didnt know, Karlyn just turned around and looked all evil at us and I didnt know why, then i asked Stephanye why she was lookin at us like that and Steph got mad and chased her down the hall, into her classroom, and asked her what her problem was... and somehow, she got Karlyn to apologize to HER for looking at her like that. wth? she's such a bitch..."

..I miss my super sexy stick.

I apparently used to hold a huge grudge against the sun : "Damn sun keeps waking me up. I mean, is it really that necessary? I mean It's just the sole purpose of our existense... no big deal, ryte?"

Damn.. all this stuff happened like over a year ago and it feels like it was just a couple months ago..

Chelsea loves her bed.

I hate myself. I wrote a lot of entries about dreams. I'd be like "I had a hot dream last night" and then not say what it was about! or say what it was about, but omit names... It's like that fucking Key poem. grr.

lmao : "I love my grandma... she is so awesome. when we were leaving she tried to go out the wrong door and 'normal' people would just casually walk out the other one, ryte? well she grabbed the handle and yelled 'let me out, let me out' lmao! see, this is why I havn't been newhere with my family in a while."

Why am I updating with old entries? If I don't remember them I'm sure no one else does, so I shall continue.

Another reason why I love my grammy oh so much : "tha other day my grandma was looking for this pot to put her plant in and she yelled 'has anyone seen my pot' and i went 'ahahah grandma has pot!' and then she went 'Ashley's on crack' lmao..."

I miss Lauren.

Haha. I miss Chelsea. "Chelsea Imed me when I got home. She hardly ever talks to me, now that she doesnt have to ask if I did the Chemistry."
Her response : other than hasseling you for the answers to the homework, what the fuck good are you?
My response : a million things... *thinks*... uhh... *makes puzzled face*... oo oo that one thing... no, thats Danielle... hmm... guess thats pretty much it...

anyway.. I'm gunna finish reading these posts, so I guess I'll end this here.

Current Mood: pessimistic
Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
11:48 pm
Yes... The 'BLUE' shirts...
So.. apparently last night I thought it'd be fun to not go back to sleep. Oh man... bad idea when it came to my Physics test (which I totally failed, might I add) I got to the point of just putting stuff so I wouldn't fall asleep. The Mozart shit in the background didn't help.

While I was awake all night, I drew the design to our "blue shirts". It's sad... I had other homework, but instead I decided to draw something that had absolutely nothing to do with schoolwork. Bah. I didn't start getting sleepy till like 5, but it was entirely too late to go to sleep, so instead I started getting ready for school and got there at like 7:50. Paula was already there from riding the bus and I talked to her for awhile.

Mrs. Anderson, again refused to yell at me about not having a job. Interesting, she is.. Mood swings, she has.. haha. I did learn how not to die when being robbed while working though. "That's a handy little piece of information to have ryte thurr." lmao.. I amuse myself.

Yesterday I was reading through some old LJ posts and I realized how insanely random and pointless my entries used to be (more so than now, which is incredibly sad) I do not know how my dear loved ones bared to read them.. I <3 them. All 2 of them. hahaha (<3 Tammy and Dani <3)

I did not do my Art homework. Amused, Ms. James was not. We did this thing where we took a picture and drew it, but used the compliments of the colors (like for green, we use red.) and then took different values (for white, black) It was insanely confusing and mine looks like a blue blob. OMFG! which reminds me. Traci is pretty much the funniest person ever. I let her listen to the Sunset Grey cd I have cuz we were talking about how Chelsea is in a band or whatnot and she busted out laughing. She thought that one song that says "blue balls in ur mouth" said "blue blob in ur mouth" (which isnt much better) and she was all "Ashley.. What is this? Take this hot mess." I laughed incredibly hard that day... good times with the Black Girl.

I get emotional when I'm tired. You'd think I'd be angry, but nope.. only when I first wake up. When I havn't had any sleep at all I get sad and happy really easily. I was on the brink of tears like three times today for no reason! I was like "dammit.. stop being a fucking girl!"

After school Tammy and Gaby went to Chili's without me. I had no money. :( <~~ me being sad. Being poor = suckiness. But, it's ok, cuz I came home and called that place that I conveniently forgot the name of again and now I have an interview scheduled for Friday at 11:00 a.m. Boo to having to wake up early on a day off. Oh well, if I get the job I will be happy. All's well that ends well. But, after I called them me and my sister watched her sonogram tape. Her baby has a big head. lol It must be Adam's hahaha No.. I refuse to be related to a Hall. bah. But, Nici's only having one.. so she can't give me one. (which she was going to do if she had twins.) lol

After that I went to sleep and woke up to type this stupid story piece of crap thing. Creative Writing is no longer a blow off class and that makes me sad. When Mr. G says 250 words.. 138 will not do. I also learned that Terrence's name is NOT Jordan.. must remember that. Damn Tammy and her influential ways. God he has sex hair. I want his hair. I shall steal it in his sleep.

Here's my story (Skip this part if you like.):

His heart stopped. He felt faint. His ears burned and his face was
still red from running up the three flights of stairs. He stood in the doorway, looking upon the source of the scream. Her face was flushed. She was lying on her side, her head resting on one arm as the other lay motionless in front of her. Her long chestnut hair, once praised for its beauty, now matted with blood. He rushed to her side and shook her violently, but could not wake her from her slumber. "Why did this happen?" He asked himself, trying to make sense of it. It was then that he glanced up to see the small oak jewelry box missing from her dresser. He felt overcome with disgust. "Madison..." he whispered to himself, realizing what should have been obvious from the start. Just then, the figure on the floor stirred slightly. He rushed to help her, relieved that she was still alive. He moved her head to rest it in his lap as she came to. "What happened?" she whispered, grabbing her head in pain. "It's okay. He's gone now," he reassured her, compassionately. "Did he take it? I'm sorry. I tried to stop him." She said, as a tear rolled down her cheek. He pulled her close. "You shouldn't have." She looked up at him, surprised. "But, It was so important to you. I wanted to protect it." He embrassed her softly. "The most important thing in the world to me, is you."

But anyhow.. I must go throw belongings into orange bag for Hell tomorrow.

"How are we going to teach kids to read good when they can't even fit inside the building?! This has to be... At least... Three times bigger!"

Current Mood: calm
Monday, August 30th, 2004
11:22 pm
"...and here's a song about New Zealand"
yeah... so, Eric from Bowling for Soup (the bassist) is pretty much the coolest person ever. He's super hot. Me and Paula went to the End of Summer Bash at Six Flags Saturday cuz her mom won tickets from work. we didnt get there till like 1:30 and we ended up only getting to ride one ride cuz the lines were long. But, we rode Mr. Freeze and I havnt ridden it in a long time and it was a lot funner than I remembered. We need to go back with Danielle and Tammy so we can ride lots of rides. It sucks she only got 2 tickets.

Anyways.. When we first got there we went to the Glass Blown Shop and Daniel was working and we looked around or whatever and I kept pointing to clowns and trying to get Paula to look at them. lol ...good times. and then I saw a sheep. It was cute! So I was like "dude! a sheep!" and then I asked if they had goats and he was like "nope" and I was like "what? how can u not have goats? what kind of store is this?" and I was like "...I like the sheep" and then he was like "I'll give u a dollar off the sheep" and I thought about it.. and I gave in to it's cuteness and bought it. I left it there to come back tho.

Then we left and rode the train cuz we wanted to ride mr freeze but at the time it was closed so we went back to the store cuz we walked by (after getting lost about three times) and saw him painting and I wanted to watch then we went in and I asked him if he painted my sheep and he said yes then that was really boring so we left to go ride Titan but the line was too long so we went back and got the sheep lol and then we went and Mr freeze was open so we rode that and Mr. Sheep (which I later named Daniel, appropriately) went into Ms. Paula-face's pocket. Then we went and ate, cuz by this time it was already like 4:00. and we went into Chubbie's and I bought some 4 dollar fries lol and then we went to the concert.

First was Nina Sky. They were better than I thought they would be. They're dancers were great. :D ..Got pictures of the dancers. *lets take a moment of silence for the dancers* ........ ok,done. Then Kevin Lyttle kept talkin bout how he wanted all the 'fine Dallas girls', making himself sound like a whore... He said that 'all the girls in Dallas were fine'.. Later Danielle was like "He hasn't seen Kimmie Britt" ...lmao Then was Monica. She sang some songs I had never heard. blahblah. The End.

Then Bowling for Soup. Obviously, the main point of the show, cuz all the ppl in back moved forward and all the 'non-white' people left. lol

omg! There was this HOT guy in front of us... took pictures, oh yeah... HE.WAS.FUCKING.HOT. We were compelled by the hotness that was the guy in front of us. I could barely concentrate on the band b/c of him. Fuck him for breaking my concentration! No not really.. cuz he's hot.

Is it just me or is this a really weird combination of entertainers all in one show? ...I have never seen a group of people (as in the audience) with less ryhthm in all my life. You could tell which ones came to see Bowling for Soup. (the ones with no rhythm,obviously.) lmao

Anywho... main point of the story.. I now love Bowling for Soup. I've always liked them, but now I like them more. At the end when it got quiet I yelled "ERIK'S HOT!" he didnt hear me, obviously, but it was funny. We had really good seats. We were like 20 rows from stage or something. *nods*

Anyway.. Sunday I read allll day long. Fucking Jane Eyre. Fuck her and her 18th century ass. I made an 80 on the test. yay. Tammy made a fucking 89 and she only read 10 pages!! ..bastard child. I didnt finish the book. I still got like 200 pages or something. Paula made an 83 and she finished it. Haha, Paula, haha.

Today I was late for the first time all year. All 2 weeks and 1 day of it. lol In Gov't we did a 'mock writing of the constitution' and I hate David Lopez. yeah.. and he looked really hot in his little 16th century outfit or whatever.. (I don't know centuries..), which made me hate him more. Fuck you, David, fuck you. Boo to David Lopez and him mocking me! Anyways... Gaby looked fucking hilarious! I can't even describe the hilarity of her outfit. Good times. Ashley, of course, with the anti-everything person that she is, refused to dress up in any form or fashion. At lunch we saw Loren! yay! He's a lot cuter than I expected him to be. Paula made him out to be a big nerd. But, then again.. his brother does resemble Sean Biggerstaff so he has to be cute. It's just not natural other wise.. Anyway.. I must get to know this said 'Loren' guy. Then after school we (me Tammy Gaby and Aaron) went to Tammy's house and watched G.H. Boo. G.D.G.H.!! lol anywho... then Tammy tried to attack me with a lamp. Then made fun of me for the face I made, which was apparently funnier than the Bugel-face I made the other day. Then we watched BCCT and talked about alcohol. (During Ron's part, respectively lmao) During this time Aaron said like 3 things.. Gaby made fun of me for interupting Aaron to tell him that he had pretty eyes the other day. lol Tammy insisted on calling her over-sized animals 'puppy' and 'kitty' lmao. anywho.. then we left and I came home and went to sleep and woke up an hr and a half ago to do my Physics review and have so far mastered but only one page. lol Speaking of which, I really should go do that now..

Current Mood: mellow
Thursday, August 26th, 2004
11:41 pm
This.week.has.been.exhausting. Man... soo much to do. How am I going to do all this AND have a job. It didn't help that I had driving time. I had to drive today and Tuesday with Mrs. Betty. I drove to Cedar Hill High School and then home. Plus, actually looking for a job.. that shits is tiring! I think looking for a job is more strenuous than actually attending one.

My mom's friend, Lisa, is trying to get me a job at Chik-Fil-A, where she works. I went in and put an application in yesterday. Adam's dad said where he works is hiring too, so I think tomorrow I might go up there and see if I can't get a job up there. I think I'd rather work there. I'd probably have to work more than at Chik-Fil-A, but I think I'll make more. Plus, it should be a lot easier. All I have to do is answer phones and type up this thing on what the ppl say. No face-to-face contact, which me likes. Ashley = hates people.

Today, Tammy had to go to an eye dr. appt. to see about her Devil's eye. I had to go to Creative Writing all alone. I wrote a poem :

Tammy left me
Left me all alone
I think I'm gunna cry
Where's Tammy?
I hope she didn't die

haha... Ashley = NOT Emily Dickenson. hahaha.. anyway.. I didn't go to the Co-op meeting tonight with my mommy. Mrs. Anderson is going to yell at me.. boo. But my eyes are fighting to stay open. More sleep time. yay.

Current Mood: exhausted
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
1:52 am
I like Brown
I did invite myself to Paula's house, but Danielle couldn't go cuz she sucks at life. Me n Paula went to Target with her brother. That was pretty fun. I got nifty shirts. Me likes. Then my grandma came to pick us up and I drove to Blockbuster, but I didn't go to the one I usually go to.. Nooo.. We went to the closer one... Had to go to the closer one. psh. Anyways. Kim Campbell apparently works there. I havn't seen her in 50 years. Anyways.. we had to find what we wanted, which took a good while cuz all the good movies were gone, so we got KillBill 1&2 and Taking Lives, and then a coupon cuz they were out of Johnson's Family Vacation. So.. we were gunna use my unlimited rental movie pass thinggy mabopper, and then she said that my acct didnt show up and of course I didn't have my card with me, so I went and got it out of the car where I conviently left it a week ago and then came back in and she punched in the number or whatnot and she siad there was a hold on the one somewhere.. I dunno.. the one we used to go to before we started going to the one by Eckerd. But anyway.. I apparently had a $4 late fee and I had no money cuz I spent it all at Target, so she put that I could pay it on my next visit, so we were all set to get the movies and then she said the friggin movie pass is only good at the one Blockbuster u get it from. Well fuck a cow! That would have been helpful to know BEFORE we spent all that time with the card n such.. or it would have been helpful to know when we actually purchased it to begin with.. These Blockbuster folk aint doin their jobs..

So anyway.. We went to the other Blockbuster (the normal one, that we should have went to to begin with) and Laci Millson was working there so we went and found the movies we wanted (some ppl came in I REALLY didn't care to see.. like.ever.), but they didn't have Taking Lives, so we got a coupon for it (bah.. stupid gay coupons) and got Kill Bill2 and Johnson's Family Vacation (gay coupon from other store didn't work at this store) but anyway... then the friggin lady girl person says that the friggin movie pass expired on the 15th and of course I've been in school so I havn't been renting movies, so I said that I thought that it was supposed to renew itself at the end of that month or whatever and the guy that came up said that the credit card 'expired'.. It was debit.. debit doesn't expire.. so apparently my dear motherface didn't have money on the card at the time that they tried to withdraw the payment.. so we left that Blockbuster too... still with no movies.. FUCK. That's all I have to say about that 'FUCK'. I waste of 2 hrs of my life! I can never get that time back.. never.

Anyway... I was really really insanely pissed off and when I was driving I wasn't paying attention to what the hell I wasdoing or where I was going and I kept having to turn around and what not. Boo to being pissed off at Blockbuster.

Then I went to Paula's for a little while.. They were having a little 'party' thing.. they always have 'parties' at her house.. and of course.. they had food.. always have food.. I don't know if that's a Paula's family thing or a Filipino thing, but anyway.. so I ate some of this chicken-turkey-bird thing and then Paula was like "What's this?" and opened this pot on the stove and her mom went "Goat" ... I was like WHAT?!?! I flipped out. YOU.DON'T.EAT.GOAT!!! Goats are friends! Goats are Pets!! GOATS.ARE.NOT.FOOD!!!!!!! grrrr. Poor, Poor, mutilated goat! That made me extremely sad.

Then I found out someone got friggin infested.. friggin contaminated.. by a bitchslutwhore. Damn him for falling for her sluttish ways! I told him to stay away.. but nooo

Anyway.. then I read Corey's away message and it said something about coming to live with his dad. Fuck him. He better stay in Pennsylvannia. I'm HIGHLY pissed off at him. Fuck him. Fuck Him hardcore. Do.not.come.here.again.

I'm such a great person.

Anyway.. what else? Jon said he loved Paula more than me. Fuck him. Then me and Paula looked up some Xangas. Everybody and their friggin dog has a Xanga. Paula has a Xanga. lol

Xangas depressed me. :( <~~~ that's me being sad.

Anyways... I had a horribly horrible evening and I am extremely ticked off... writing this has made me re-mad.

o yeah... Danielle send me this


WHY? Bob.can.not.die! Bob dies, I die.

Damn. Goat died. Bob died. All that Ashley lives for is gone.. I shall perish slowly and painfully... goodbye..

Current Mood: pissed off
Saturday, August 21st, 2004
1:53 pm
I woke up early today. 8:30. I went to sleep right when I got home from school at 3:00 and slept till 8:30 then went back to sleep at midnight and slept till 8:30. Then my mom was all like "u wanna go to the store with me" and I went "nuhgnfsdh.. no" and went back to bed. Then I couldn't sleep so I got back up like 10 minutes later and told my mom I was going with her. She actually let me drive! Whoo! I've never driven with my mom before. she skitzes out when I do. She's all like "He stopped! He stopped HE STOPPED!" and I'm all like "I can see that!" crackers and chez whiz for anyone who got the BCCT reference :)

So... we went to Albertson's and I asked her to buy me the 5th Harry potter book cuz they had it in paper back for 8 bucks. So I got it. Then I found some make-up that I wanted that was on sale for 6.50 and I asked her to buy that for me and she said then I'd have to put the book back, so I did. Then we went to pay and the lady person didn't see the make-up by my mom's purse and neither did my mom so I didnt say anything, then when we got outside I put it in my pocket and when we got done loading everything my mom was like "what about ur make-up" and I went "it's in my pocket" and she went "..I didn't pay for it?" and I was like "no. It was in the basket by ur purse" and she just shrugged and was like "oh well" and then we went to Kroger's and bought a bunch more shit. We havn't bought groceries in a long time. Yay for grandma getting food stamps. hahahaha

Then we went to Minyards, but I stayed in the car cuz mommy was just getting a few things and I was tired of looking at food. Then when we got home my mom was telling my grandma what we bought and I was like ".. and make-up" and my mom was like "...yeah" and I went "you stole it" and she went "I did not!" and I was like "If you walk out of a store with something u didn't pay for, then u stole it" and she was like "I was at the back of the cart! You were at the front.. who's fault is that?" hahaha she got all defensive... it was funny..

anyways.. I was in a really really good mood earlier, but now I'm getting tired again... I need coconut cake.. and COFFEE!! haha.. I saw coconut cake at Kroger and it made me think of Stitch. lol thats so gay.

Yesterday was fun. I wrote a beautiful poem in Creative Writing. Here it is:

Tammy Sucks
I hate Tammy
Die Tammy
Die Tammy

Beautiful, no? hahaha Of course I would be just kidding cuz I HEART TAMMY!! :)

Elizabeth died. yay.

Government sucks. I'm thinking it's my least favorite class this year. yep.. definitely so..

Thursday it rained. Lots and lots of rain. Mrs. Anderson yelled at me for not having a job yet. Boo to her. I need a job... I should find one.. In Art, Miss James went all skitzo cuz me and Traci wouldn't stop talking and do our work. Adam came by that night and called my sister and then tried to rape me, then slept in Nici's bed cuz he got kicked out of his house. He sucks.

I want to go to Paula's today.. I think I shall invite myself over to her house. I'll invite Danielle to come too. I never see Danielle at school. Boo to no Danielle!! Now we can't have a notes spiral thinggy... :( <~~ that's me being sad

I like seeing Tammy 5 times a day tho.. and I like having both lunches with Paula. Here's my schedule :

A Day
1. English (Paula and Tammy)
2. Gov't (Gaby)
3. Creative Writing (Tammy)
B lunch (Paula and Tammy)

B Day
5. Physics (Tammy)
6. Hospitality (NO ONE!!)
7. Art (Traci)
A lunch (Paula and Gaby)

Yeah... so my schedule pretty much rocks at life (hahaha) So this year (all week of it) already kicks twice as much ass as last year.. *nods*

Wednesday we got assigned seats in English and gov't and I sit no where near Gaby in Gov't or Paula in English. I sit sorta close to Tammy in English. But, Mr. Gawedzinki rocks for not giving us assigned seats. Mariko got in my Gov't class and she sucks ass for doing so. Boo to Mariko!

Tuesday was neat cuz we didn't have assigned seats in Physics and me and Tammy sat at the front of the class then I died and she half died. That was fun. Mrs. Reynolds seemed nice at first, but I'm thinking she's not gunna be so much.. and I'm gunna die in Physics cuz I can tell it's gunna be hard.. I couldn't even do the first assignment and it was just like a review. Bah. Art was really fun tho. Miss James showed us art from other highschools by students with insanely good talent and made us all want to drop out of art. Then we made fun of the ones that were abstract cuz they looked retarded. That was fun.

Monday sucked cuz school started, but was fun cuz of the classes I had. yay to Mr. Guynes!

Sunday my sister went to Big Spring with my aunt, Carla. The guys that usually hang out in our front yard decided to stay here after she had already left. There was like 9 of them out there. Some of them I had never even seen before. And I havn't seen any of them since, except Adam. My sister's coming home today.. already.. My cousin Jeanie went to go get her. Boo.

The End.

P.S. Worship 1306

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Friday, August 13th, 2004
11:53 pm
Steve-o says hi
I got my computer back yesterday, finally. bah.

Lots n Lots has happened. hmm.. where to start.

Adam doesn't come down here anymore because Nici's mad at him. Emmanuel comes down sometimes. Adam is with this like 14 yr old chick. I hope he gets her pregnant so his ass can go to jail. Fuck him. This dude, Keith has been coming down here cuz he likes my sister. Rachel Troupe fucked him. *cringes* Anyways, ppl have been talkin shit to Adam about Keith and my sister and it pissed him off cuz he thinks theyre fucking. Not yet, but I'm sure it will happen soon. Anywho. This dude, Jessie, lives with Adam and he's been coming down here too. Today Big Dave accidentally punched Jessie and Jessie was drunk and got pissed, but didn't want to hit Big Dave, so instead he punched the wall. He fucked up his hand and now he's at the hospital. He got blood everywhere. It was gross.

Earlier, Me, Nici, Keith, and Big Dave went to get something to eat and we had "Shameless" playing extremely loud and we pulled up to these 2 black chicks with their windows rolled down and they busted out laughing and rolled their windows up. I told Nici to turn it up louder, but she didn't. Bastard.

This morning I had an interview at the Rec Center for a job. I don't think I got it. She should call me tomorrow to let me know if I got it or not. I need a fucking job for co-op. I had to wake up at 7:30. It sucked.

Wednesday me, Tammy, Danielle, Tammy's sister Amanda, and Amanda's friend Roselyn went to Six Flags. That was super. Lots of fun indeed. Before we left we went to the school and took care of some scheduling conflicts (haha), so now I'm ready for school to start. Or more so than 2 weeks ago anyway.

Tuesday night my dad decided it'd be fun to take me shopping for school clothes. That was pretty surprising, seeing as he has never bought us school clothes before. But, at least now I have school shits. My sister was supposed to tell him that she was pregnant that night, but she chickened out..

Last Saturday we went to P.F. Chang's for Danielle's b-day. It was fun. Lots and lots of Black ppl. I got to be the token white person. yay. :)

Two weeks ago I went to San Antonio with Danielle. Also super fun. I <3 Dbear. We went to the Riverwalk mall, The Alamo, The Riverwalk, and Fiesta Texas. When we went to the Riverwalk, we ate at this place called The Original Mexican Restaurant and there were 20 ppl. 19 of them were black. LoL. I like being the token white person. Makes me feel special. haha.

Anywho, that's all I can remember for now and I don't feel like trying to remember any farther..

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Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
4:40 am
Real update later
1) Starting Time: 4:41 AM
2) Name: Ashley
3) Nicknames: hmm.. I should protest Tammy and not put any of her nicknames down, but since most are from her.. here goes : Ashamundo, Ash, Ashlanga, Ashalangadingdong (or something to that effect), Feepit, and every so often Danielle will call me "Winters"
4) School: Some ppl call it DHS... I call it Hell
5) Hair color: brownish redish weirdishness
6) Eyes: dark brown
7) Height: 5'3-5'4 (I think I've gotten taller lately)
8) Siblings: one full sister, 4 half sisters, 1 kinda brother
9) Ever Been So Drunk You Black Out: nope.. have not had that pleasure.
10) Missed School Because It Was Raining: I think I've missed school WHEN it was raining but not BECAUSE it was raining.. I have better excuses than that.. no, wait.. no I don't..
11) Set Any Body Part On Fire For Amusement: I like fire. I like to set things on fire.
13) Had An Imaginary Friend: I don't think so. I always wanted one tho. Guess I'm not imaginative enough..
14) Wanted To Hook Up With A Friend: yes.. I have learned to keep my mouth shut when liking friend. It usually passes anyway.
15) Cried During A Flick: A few times.. I'm not much of crier
16) Ever Liked A Teacher: yes.. there were some cute teachers up at Reed... coach Morgan and that one dude..
17) Ever Thought An Animated character was hot: yes.. That guy from coyboy Bebop, the guy on the cover of Johnny Tremain (or Across Five Aprils.. I forget which), and there's a ton more that I can't think of..
18) Ever Prank Called Someone: hahaha me n paula used to do that all the time.. I called this one guy and asked for Bob then a Bob got on the fucking phone!
19) Deodorant: that blue kind.. light blue.. with pink and white writing... *shrug*
20) Shampoo: Mane N Tail, Garnier Fructice, and/or Pantene ProV
21) Soap: Bath N Body Works/ Irish Spring
22) Colors: orange and blue
23) favorite TV station: Disney, MTV, VH1, WB
24) Kind of music: country, rock, oldies
25) satin or silk: silk (I don't know what satin is lol)
26) favorite Cartoon Character: I dunno.. spongebob I guess..? Nerdy Spongebob is the best
27) Have a bf/gf: umm.. I'm not sure.. I'm thinking no.. lol
28) Love anyone: I love ppl.. even tho I don't belive in love (no I will not explain that. Don't ask)
29) Loudest Friend: Danielle when she gets all wantin-to-act-black-like
30) Who is the smartest: Paula or Corey prolly
31) Who Do You Go to For Advice: usually no one.. sometimes I will ask someone if I know they are educated in what I need advise in.
32) Do You Cry: sometimes..
33) Been Mean: never..
34) Been sarcastic: that was not sarcasm above this..
35) Talked To Someone You Have A Crush On: usually I talk to them before I get the crush.. so I'm thinking yes..
36) Missed Someone: o so much! Where is Jon and Jessica?!
38) Fought with your parents: my mom.. I don't see my dad long enough to fight with him.. but Iluvmymommy
39) Ever wish upon A Star: when I was younger and more nieve (dont know how to spell that)
40) Laughed Until You Cried: lots.. I love to laugh.. even tho I laugh retarded
41) Watched A Sunrise/Sunset: yeah..
42) Went 2 The Beach @ Nite: nope :-/
43) Are you happy right now: nope
44) Are you talkin to sumone: I was till Danielle left me! It's dark outside! It's still night!
---------DO YOU BELIEVE IN----------

45) God/Devil: yes
46) Loving someone? no
47) The Big Bang Theory: no
48) Heaven/Hell: yes
49) Who Named You? my mom... my dad didnt want to name me Ashley cuz he said that was a dog's name lol
50) When Was The Last Time You Showered: this morning
51) What is right next 2 you: lots of shit.. need to clean
52) What Is Your Computer Desk Made Of? they say its wood, but I know it's plood (plastic wood, like pleather)
53) What Are The Last 4 Digits In You Phone: 9669 (that looks like a fake number.. but its not)
54) What Was The Last Thing You Ate? catfish cuz my mom thinks its good but its not so i got stuck eatting it
56) Who Do You Wanna Spend The Rest Of Your Life With: cuz 17 yr olds are supposed to know who they plan on spending ther rest of their lives with... ?
57) How Many Buddies Do You Have On Your List: i dunno cuz I'm signed off (cuz Danielle left me!) but like 80, maybe? half of those are Danielle and Jessica.. they like to make 10 sns for some reason..
58) How's The Weather Right Now: it feels good rightnow.. it was 105 earlier... damn TX weather
59) Have You Ever Smoked Pot: nope..
60) Do You Eat Oreos: I don't like Oreos.. they remind me of Mariko
62) Favorite Song: I like a lot of songs.. I'm not sure my favorite..
63) Favorite Food: I like broccoli
65) Are You To Shy To Ask A Boy/Girl Out? I wouldn't "ask a boy out".. I'm not too shy to tell them I like them tho..
66) If u Could Change ur Name, what would it be? I dunno.. Ashley is a common name.. and I share it with a lot of bitches.. so I'm thinking Cremishila would be good..
67) Firstborn son's name will be: I like Ezra and Parker.. I want twin boys.. I had their names picked out, but I forgot
68) Daughter's Name Will Be: I don't know.. I want a boy first (not that I can pick..)
70) Do You Like Scary Or Happy Movies? I like stupid comedies..
71) Do You Like Talking To People On The phone or in person? I'm not much for the phone.. I prefer computer or person
72) Lust Or Love? lust I guess...
73) Do You Consider Cheerleading A Sport: no
74) Do You Want Your Friends To Do This And Send it back: I don't give a flying monkey's ass
75) How much time did you spend on this quiz(so far): too fucking long!
76) Why do you bother sending chain letters? I yell at ppl who send me chainletters..
77) Have u ever had a hickie: nope
78) What's the best flavor of tic-tac? orange
79) What's your favorite language you can't speak? how many languages do u think I can speak.. good lord.. I only know tha one..
80) Dyfunctional family?: just a lot
81) Anything to do: I'm guessing this means favorite thing to do.. so I guess the movies or mall with super cool ppl like Tammy, dani, and paula
82) Favorite Sports?: baseball and hockey
83) Who are your closest friends?: Jessica, Paula, Danielle, Tammy, Jon... I'm missing someone...?
84) Finishing time: 5:10 AM (bed time)

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Sunday, June 27th, 2004
7:44 pm
Why do u say I pop the pills? I do not pop them.. I take them and I eat them!
Jessica called me this morning. No.. not morning.. @ 4:00pm. She woke me up tho. I didn't know who it was, I thought it was her but I wasn't sure.. it made me happy. I havn't talked to her in months.

I heard the door open and I turned around and Josh was standing there. I was like holy shit! He walked in and gave me a hug and I was too shocked to say anything. Then Jackie came in. She's getting so big. It's so cute! She's due in November. I like Jackie.. She's so sweet. The doctor recommended that Josh come home for 3 weeks. He's trying to get full disability from the Marines for his eye. He's like fully blind in his right eye, but as far as we know he's not going to lose it.

Lacey's due at the beginning of August. Nici and Jeanie should have their babies pretty close together. I'm like the only person that isn't pregnant. Hopefully it stays like that for a LONG time.. I don't want a baby anytime soon.

Danielle is back. yay. Now I have someone to talk to. Damn her for not talking to me for so long! ..And Tammy. Damn her for not talking to me for so long as well.. damn them both hard.

hmm.. guess that's all for now..

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
6:36 am
I aint playin a game I know I can't win.. what kinda fool do u think I am?
It's official. I'm addicted to making icons. If I can only use 1 icon, I'm not sure why I want to make 50... I'm still not that great at it, but I'm learning..

I.can.not.sleep. I want sleep. I need sleep. My sister is on my bed. She didn't go to sleep until 5:00 and its now 6:30 and I want my bed..

anywho.. This was another poinless post brought to u inpart by me.. *Sigh* Maybe one day I shall actually write something on here worth reading... probably not.

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Sunday, June 13th, 2004
9:58 am
It's a LONG WAY to the TOP if you wanna ROCK N ROLL!!
Fourteen Random Things You Like:

01) telling pointless stories
02) saying random stuff that's only funny to me b/c only I understand what goes on in my head
03) Funny movies
04) telling dumb jokes
05) chatrooms with Danielle and Tammy
06) going to the mall with Paula
07) PSP8
08) Art
09) drawing ugly stuff and making ppl say it's purdy
10) tea
11) my kitties!
12) maintstream music (hahaha)
13) Disney
14) hot guys (especially hot guys that like to kiss other hott guys just for the hell of it..)(u thought that was gunna be #1, didnt u?)

Twelve Movies:
01) Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
02) Dude, Where's My Car?
03) Dogma
04) Harry Potter
05) School of Rock
06) Grease
07) Pirates of the Caribbean
08) Donnie Darko
09) The Goonies
10) Bringing Down the House
11) 10 Things I Hate About You
12) The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Eleven Good Bands / Artists:
01) 3 Doors Down
02) Bloodhoung Gang
03) Eminem
04) Nirvana
05) Red Hot Chili Peppers
06) Garth Brooks
07) Matchbox 20
08) Maroon 5
09) Hoobastank
10) Dashboard Confessional
11) Cake

Ten Things About You:
01) I'm a nerd
02) I hate people
03) I don't believe in love
04) I like goats
05) I can do a kickass impression of Britney Spears (lmao. no, not really...)
06) I HATE mornings
07) I love dorks
08) I like the word "fuck"
09) I like taking medicine when not sick.. (should I admit that?)
10) I like gay guys.. (It's a curse)

Nine Good Friends:
01) Jessica
02) Paula
03) Jon
04) Danielle
05) Tammy
06) Jeremy
07) Traci
08) Corey
09) Isaac

Eight Favorite Foods/Drinks:
01) Pizza
02) chicken sandwhich
03) tea
04) pepsi
05) brocoli
06) fajitas
07) boiled shrimp
08) ...?

Seven Things You Wear Daily:
01) contacts
02) shoes/flip-flops
03) bracelet
04) ... I don't know.. It varies..

Six Things That Annoy You:
01) Michael
02) liars
03) over-exaggerators
04) ppl that call too much
05) ppl that lie about my friends
06) Michael

Five Things You Touch Everyday:
01) toothbrush
02) bed (except when I decide to be an insomniac and not sleep for 3 days as I tend to do during the Summer... such as now. It is 10:30 AM and I have not been to sleep yet)
03) computer
04) kitty
05) fish food

Four Shows You Watch:
01) Smallville
02) Boy Meets World
03) Will and Grace
04) Friends

Three Stores You Shop At:
01) Wal-Mart (whatWHAT) hahaha
02) Bath and Body Works
03) Hot Topic (*hangs head in shame*)

Two Video Games/Computer Games You Play:
01) solitaire
02) np

One Person You Could Spend The Rest Of Your Life With:
01) I could not live with only one person forever. I would die. Or kill them.

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Friday, June 11th, 2004
1:33 am
Show me the love...
1. Who are you?:
2. Are we friends?:
3. Why are you my friend?
4. When and how did we meet?:
5. How have I affected you in any way?:
6. What do you think of me sexualy?:
7. What's the fondest memory you have of me?:
8. How long do you think we will be friends?:
9. Do you love me?:
10. Do you have a crush on me?:
11. Would you kiss me?:
12. Would you hug me?:
13. Physically, what stands out?:
14. Emotionally, what stands out?:
15. Do you wish I was cooler?:
16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it:
17. Am I loveable?:
18. How long have you known me?:
19. Describe me in one word:
20. What was your first impression?:
21. Do you still think that way about me now?:
22. What do you think my weakness is?:
23. Do you think I'll get married?:
24. What makes me happy?:
25. What makes me sad?:
26. What reminds you of me?:
27. If you could give me anything what would it be?:
28. How well do you know me?:
29. When's the last time you saw me?:
30. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?:
31. Do you think I could kill someone?:
32. Are you going to put this on your Livejournal and see what I say about you?:
33. Who do you think my crush is?
34. who do you think my icon is?
35. who would i be happiest stuck on a stranded island with?
36. what is my favorite color?
37. if i could have any pet what would it be?
38. what kind of music do i like best?
39. who is my best friend?
40. if i were to be a fruit, which one would i be?
41. what do i think of you in your opinion?
42. what do i do that makes you sad?
43. what do i do that makes you happy?
44. What do i do that makes you want to kill me?
45. do i turn you on.... even a little bit?
46. what is my best feature?
47.if we had one moment alone, what would we do?
48. would you tell me your biggest secret?
49. would i tell you my biggest secret?
50. name 5 things i hate.
51. name 5 things i like.
52. whould you cry if i died?
53. am i annoying?
54. if we were to sleep in the same bed together, what would happen?
55. why do you think i am your friend?

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Friday, June 4th, 2004
2:23 pm
WHoo!! No more driver's ed classes!!

I took some quizzes. Havn't done this in a long time.

How random are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

-Duh... we all saw that coming

You're Captain Jack Sparrow: smart, savvy, a demon with the eyeliner and the best damn pirate we've ever seen. And only a litte crazy. Savvy?

Which POTC character are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

hahahhahaha... but only NOT!

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Saturday, May 8th, 2004
12:48 pm
We did an alcohol awareness thing in driver's ed. Is it bad that it made me want beer, rather than not want it?
Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
5:16 pm
such opinionation
Abortion?: umm.. I'm gunna have to say pro-choice. I wouldn't have one, but I would like the option to... I hate ppl tellin me I can't do shits...
Death Penalty?: "If you come to Texas and kill someone, we will kill you back. It's our policy." - yayyyuh!
Prostitution?: ppl do it all the time, its just not called prostitution. I bet that little boy that M.J. was raping was in it for the money...
Alcohol?: I wouldn't trust myself drunk... and it tastes nasty... so, I'm guessing I'm for it... hahaha
Marijuana?: No. Bad. No. Evil. Stay illegal! <does that make me sound like a prude? Other drugs?: No drugs... Drugs are bad Gay marriage?: Totally for it. Give the homos a ceremony and certificate! Illegal immigrants?: Go back to Arkansas! Smoking?: I'm allergic to it, so no... bad... makes me die. Drunk driving?: Drunk driving makes me angry. Cloning?: Let's clone Hayden Lackey about 20 times... wouldn't that be fun?! Racism?: Black ppl should be thanking white ppl for bringing their ancestors here... what is their problem..? (hahaha inside joke) Premarital sex?: It's ok, as long as it has good intentions and isn't just for a lay. I think ugly reproduction poses more of a problem than this... Religion?: umm... I'm kinda at an awkward point as far as this is concerned The war in Iraq?: necessary....not fun but necessary (I agree w/Tammy) Bush?: America only doesn't like him b/c of the war, and the war is necessary, so he's ok I guess... He needs to hurry up with this war business tho, so we can impeach him... hahaha Downloading music?: Free illegal shit! whoohoo! The legal drinking age?: 21 is a good age. Porn?: Doesn't sew my buttons.. (wth? that is the dumbest one I've ever said) Suicide?: The single most selfish thing someone could do. No one can say they've never thought about it, but there's a big difference between thinkin it and doin it...

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