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Yesterday was a good, good day. I woke up at 9:30 cuz I had that interview at 11:00 and my mom kept yelling at me to get ready. But anyway.. I went up there and had to sit down and wait for the lady and then the lady came up and called me back and then I took like 5 tests. They were insanely easy though. "Which of these is right? a)reciept b) receit c) receipt d) reicet" It's like.. "uhh... duh" but actually, the spelling test was the hardest. cuz theres all those choices and they all look right. lol But, there was a typing (49 wpm), spelling, grammar, comprehension, and something else. But, yeah... then after I was done this girl took me in this room for an "interview". It was pretty much just basic questions. She said that my scores were the best she had seen all day (it was only noon by then though lol) .. but yeah.. she said I did really well and that she didn't see anything restricting me from getting the job and that having Hal recommend me was a big plus. (He rarely ever recommends anyone) She said the guy that decides whether or not I'm hired is out of town and won't be back until Tuesday, and I should hear from them by Tuesday night and if I didn't hear from them, then to call her.

When I got home me, my sister and Adam took Branden and this other insanely annoying boy to Chuckie Cheese and played some games. Some of their games are really fun. lol Adam made Branden steal this guy's tickets when he walked off. lol Then we went to McDonald's and Adam asked if they were hiring and they said yes so he spent like an hour talking to the manager and filling shit out and he got the job. lol Adam works at McDonald's... That's funny.

Then we took them home and went to Buddy's Sporting Goods to see about getting the shirts. The lady said they couldn't make my design unless we ordered at least 10 shirts and the design would cost 5 bucks per shirt. I was like uh.. negative. So, I'm gunna call around and see if I can find someone else. Then I went to the highschool for face painting for the football game and that was really fun. Traci came to help too. Danielle came up there. She wouldn't let me paint her face. She made Traci do it. Too bad mine would have looked better. lol I got 3 hours. It should have been 2 1/2, but shh. I think I only have like 10 hrs. lol I kinda forgot to turn in a couple of my forms or I would have like 15. lol

Me and Jeanie went to WalMart at like 10:00 and got my sister 2 really cute outfits for her baby. Then I came home and went to sleep.
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