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Annoy the media. Re-elect Bush. hahaha

Thursday sucked. Tammy sucks at life for not going to school. I had to endure the satan-like wrath of Mrs. Reynolds all by myself. foo-koo, Tammy, foo-koo. hahaha. I made a 53 on my Physics test. Higher than I thought it was gunna be. lol We did a lab and I got called to the office cuz I didn't turn in my utility bill yet.. so I got down there, stood for like 10 minutes, then realized what they called me for, went back to the room, got the bill.. then went back down and turned it in. Then by time I got back everyone was done with the lab so this nifty Mexican boy in front of me let me copy his.

Then in Hospitality, Mrs. Anderson called everyone up that didn't have a job and when she got to me, I told her that I didn't have a job, but I had an interview Friday, so she asked me for the #. I gave it to her and then sat down and started talking to this girl, Anna, that sits behind me. She's Asian and she's really nice. Asian people love me. :) Anyway.. then she was all like "Did u hear that? Mrs. Anderson just gave those two girls the number to the place ur applying to." I was like "What?!" ..that pissed me off. Let's just add more competition to Ashley, shall we? Boo.

Anyway.. then in Art we did a still life and it sucked. I'm like 3 assignments behind, like always. Traci came in and there was only like 25 minutes of class left. lol Ms. James kept yelling at her for talking to me. It was funny. Then after class I stayed in there to work on some stuff while she went to do something and it was 4th period when I was in there and these 2 boys came by. I remember one of them from last year cuz he tried to kick Josh Styers's ass. That was funny. His name was Josh too. But, anyway.. I wasn't supposed to let anyone in, so I went and opened the door and told then that Ms. James wasn't in there and Josh was like "That's nice" and then they walked in. I was like 'uhh..' but sat down cuz i wasnt about to argue with him. They just like looked around and, of course, messed up the still life, then left. Then Ms. James came back and then they called the ppl down for the pep rally.

I couldn't find Danielle or Paula so I had to sit with a bunch of Juniors. The pep rally pretty much sucked. The ones last year were better cuz it was like 'whoo. I'm gunna be a senior. I can't wait' and now I'm a senior and it's like 'hmm.. what do I have to look forward to now?' ..The highhats and drill teams performances were pretty good. Karlyn sucked though. She wasn't with everyone else and kept looking at the other people to see what came next. I think next pep rally we should make a huge banner that says 'KARLYN CAN'T DANCE!' and hold it up during her performance. Boo to Karlyn.

Then after the pep rally I found Paula and we went to wait for the bus. There was this hot junior waiting with Loren. MmMm Paula said he's an ass. He looks like an ass. He's still hot though. On the bus I had to sit by Paula cuz the hot junior stole the seat next to her. I could have taken the one behind Loren, but I wanted to sit by Paula so I could talk to her. But, we were talking and then the hot Junior (I should learn his name) was all like "What's your shirt say?" and I was like "Hogwarts" and then Loren was like "Your shirt says Hogwarts? .. You know it doesn't exist right?" and I was all "...yeaaah" and he was like "I used to look like Harry Potter" and I was like "I heard" and he was like "I used to wear glasses, but I had to take them off to run faster cuz ..." and I didn't hear the rest. I was staring at him and not listening. He has pretty eyes. lol But anyway and I just like nodded my head and was like "cool" lol and he was all "I have a bellybutton" (I guess to fill the awkward silence) and I was like "You also have a camel" and we was like "horseshit. How do u know about my camel?" and then he was like "Hi Paula" and I was like "yeah.. I talked to you on the phone a couple times." and he nodded and then sat back. Then we went to the ninth grade to pick up some people and Vanessa and Deysi rode the late bus (our bus) so that they could see me *beams proudly* and Vanessa gave me a rainbow that someone painted on a piece of cardboard and I told Paula not to steal it. (I had a dream that Paula stole my rainbow once) lmao. then we all got off at their stop and me n paula went to her house then we were gunna do homework but we were too tired, so we were like screw it and I went home.

My mom and grandma were talking about "celebrating".. I was mad cuz they wouldn't tell me what we were celebrating and my mom said that my grma got a check for $600 for her retirement and I was like yay! and then I went to sleep.
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