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So.. today pretty much sucked, which sucked more cuz it was an A day.

Tammy was late and I had to stay in English all by myself. We took ID pictures and I (of course) looked like shit. Speaking of pictures, I need to get my scanner fixed so I can start posting pictures in here. Maybe If I get that job then I can buy some ink. (dont ask why I need ink for my scanner to work. *sigh*) anyways.. then gov't sucked cuz... well, it always sucks.

Creative writing even sucked and I love that class. Bah. Maybe it was because Mr. G was being an ass and b/c he insisted on seperating me and Tammy and putting me with Mary Flock and Deidra Dallas. Boo.

After school was fun, though entirely too depressing. Apparently Tammy and Gaby are the two most pessimistic people ever and that is fucking sad coming from me. Anyway.. we talked about stuff and guys and determined that life pretty much sucks and we are all now very aware that a lot of things are pretty much inexistent. lol

But I thought it would be fun to read my old Deadjournal entries and that's what I'm doing now. Man I had like NO selfesteem when I was friends with Chelsea. My self esteem wasn't low, it just wasnt present at all. Every post says how stupid I am at least once.

the first couple were from back when I liked Aaron. Man, was I obsessed with him. So sad. lots of stuff I don't remember happening, which is why I like writing in these things. Like "The Butterfly Effect" I can't remember anything for shit, so I must write it down and reminisce later. lol

One day in Spanish in 10th grade Garrett accidentally called me a "him" then stole my lazer pointer. Bastard never gave that back either lol. I forgot about that. But, of course I let it slide cuz he's hot. lol

and then this :

"I wanted to kick this girl's ass in Spanish today.. ooh she made me mad. Like me and my friend Kortney (not that one, Chelsea) were doing our exam (I gave him every answer but like 6 and I do not know any spanish, whatsoever) but anyways and he asked this boy for the answer to #1 (yes, #1 lol) and he said C and then the girl next to him was like "why bother, just tell him 'fuck you'" I was like uh uh, cuz I already can't stand that bitch... I told Kortney and he got mad, but dismissed it, bc she was 'below' him anyway. "

That was about Ashley Henley. God, I hate her. That reminds me of when I used to go "Omg! Garrett! quit! Stop poking me, Garrett! Omg, stop!" hahaha o man.. good times..

Then lmao. I should tell Danny about this :

"my friend Stephanye has been telling me all year that she was gunna trip this girl, Karlyn and I was like whatever, but today me and stephanye were just standing there and Karlyn had to go between us and she fucking tripped her! but, i didnt know, Karlyn just turned around and looked all evil at us and I didnt know why, then i asked Stephanye why she was lookin at us like that and Steph got mad and chased her down the hall, into her classroom, and asked her what her problem was... and somehow, she got Karlyn to apologize to HER for looking at her like that. wth? she's such a bitch..."

..I miss my super sexy stick.

I apparently used to hold a huge grudge against the sun : "Damn sun keeps waking me up. I mean, is it really that necessary? I mean It's just the sole purpose of our existense... no big deal, ryte?"

Damn.. all this stuff happened like over a year ago and it feels like it was just a couple months ago..

Chelsea loves her bed.

I hate myself. I wrote a lot of entries about dreams. I'd be like "I had a hot dream last night" and then not say what it was about! or say what it was about, but omit names... It's like that fucking Key poem. grr.

lmao : "I love my grandma... she is so awesome. when we were leaving she tried to go out the wrong door and 'normal' people would just casually walk out the other one, ryte? well she grabbed the handle and yelled 'let me out, let me out' lmao! see, this is why I havn't been newhere with my family in a while."

Why am I updating with old entries? If I don't remember them I'm sure no one else does, so I shall continue.

Another reason why I love my grammy oh so much : "tha other day my grandma was looking for this pot to put her plant in and she yelled 'has anyone seen my pot' and i went 'ahahah grandma has pot!' and then she went 'Ashley's on crack' lmao..."

I miss Lauren.

Haha. I miss Chelsea. "Chelsea Imed me when I got home. She hardly ever talks to me, now that she doesnt have to ask if I did the Chemistry."
Her response : other than hasseling you for the answers to the homework, what the fuck good are you?
My response : a million things... *thinks*... uhh... *makes puzzled face*... oo oo that one thing... no, thats Danielle... hmm... guess thats pretty much it...

anyway.. I'm gunna finish reading these posts, so I guess I'll end this here.
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