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"...and here's a song about New Zealand"

yeah... so, Eric from Bowling for Soup (the bassist) is pretty much the coolest person ever. He's super hot. Me and Paula went to the End of Summer Bash at Six Flags Saturday cuz her mom won tickets from work. we didnt get there till like 1:30 and we ended up only getting to ride one ride cuz the lines were long. But, we rode Mr. Freeze and I havnt ridden it in a long time and it was a lot funner than I remembered. We need to go back with Danielle and Tammy so we can ride lots of rides. It sucks she only got 2 tickets.

Anyways.. When we first got there we went to the Glass Blown Shop and Daniel was working and we looked around or whatever and I kept pointing to clowns and trying to get Paula to look at them. lol ...good times. and then I saw a sheep. It was cute! So I was like "dude! a sheep!" and then I asked if they had goats and he was like "nope" and I was like "what? how can u not have goats? what kind of store is this?" and I was like "...I like the sheep" and then he was like "I'll give u a dollar off the sheep" and I thought about it.. and I gave in to it's cuteness and bought it. I left it there to come back tho.

Then we left and rode the train cuz we wanted to ride mr freeze but at the time it was closed so we went back to the store cuz we walked by (after getting lost about three times) and saw him painting and I wanted to watch then we went in and I asked him if he painted my sheep and he said yes then that was really boring so we left to go ride Titan but the line was too long so we went back and got the sheep lol and then we went and Mr freeze was open so we rode that and Mr. Sheep (which I later named Daniel, appropriately) went into Ms. Paula-face's pocket. Then we went and ate, cuz by this time it was already like 4:00. and we went into Chubbie's and I bought some 4 dollar fries lol and then we went to the concert.

First was Nina Sky. They were better than I thought they would be. They're dancers were great. :D ..Got pictures of the dancers. *lets take a moment of silence for the dancers* ........ ok,done. Then Kevin Lyttle kept talkin bout how he wanted all the 'fine Dallas girls', making himself sound like a whore... He said that 'all the girls in Dallas were fine'.. Later Danielle was like "He hasn't seen Kimmie Britt" ...lmao Then was Monica. She sang some songs I had never heard. blahblah. The End.

Then Bowling for Soup. Obviously, the main point of the show, cuz all the ppl in back moved forward and all the 'non-white' people left. lol

omg! There was this HOT guy in front of us... took pictures, oh yeah... HE.WAS.FUCKING.HOT. We were compelled by the hotness that was the guy in front of us. I could barely concentrate on the band b/c of him. Fuck him for breaking my concentration! No not really.. cuz he's hot.

Is it just me or is this a really weird combination of entertainers all in one show? ...I have never seen a group of people (as in the audience) with less ryhthm in all my life. You could tell which ones came to see Bowling for Soup. (the ones with no rhythm,obviously.) lmao

Anywho... main point of the story.. I now love Bowling for Soup. I've always liked them, but now I like them more. At the end when it got quiet I yelled "ERIK'S HOT!" he didnt hear me, obviously, but it was funny. We had really good seats. We were like 20 rows from stage or something. *nods*

Anyway.. Sunday I read allll day long. Fucking Jane Eyre. Fuck her and her 18th century ass. I made an 80 on the test. yay. Tammy made a fucking 89 and she only read 10 pages!! ..bastard child. I didnt finish the book. I still got like 200 pages or something. Paula made an 83 and she finished it. Haha, Paula, haha.

Today I was late for the first time all year. All 2 weeks and 1 day of it. lol In Gov't we did a 'mock writing of the constitution' and I hate David Lopez. yeah.. and he looked really hot in his little 16th century outfit or whatever.. (I don't know centuries..), which made me hate him more. Fuck you, David, fuck you. Boo to David Lopez and him mocking me! Anyways... Gaby looked fucking hilarious! I can't even describe the hilarity of her outfit. Good times. Ashley, of course, with the anti-everything person that she is, refused to dress up in any form or fashion. At lunch we saw Loren! yay! He's a lot cuter than I expected him to be. Paula made him out to be a big nerd. But, then again.. his brother does resemble Sean Biggerstaff so he has to be cute. It's just not natural other wise.. Anyway.. I must get to know this said 'Loren' guy. Then after school we (me Tammy Gaby and Aaron) went to Tammy's house and watched G.H. Boo. G.D.G.H.!! lol anywho... then Tammy tried to attack me with a lamp. Then made fun of me for the face I made, which was apparently funnier than the Bugel-face I made the other day. Then we watched BCCT and talked about alcohol. (During Ron's part, respectively lmao) During this time Aaron said like 3 things.. Gaby made fun of me for interupting Aaron to tell him that he had pretty eyes the other day. lol Tammy insisted on calling her over-sized animals 'puppy' and 'kitty' lmao. anywho.. then we left and I came home and went to sleep and woke up an hr and a half ago to do my Physics review and have so far mastered but only one page. lol Speaking of which, I really should go do that now..
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