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I did invite myself to Paula's house, but Danielle couldn't go cuz she sucks at life. Me n Paula went to Target with her brother. That was pretty fun. I got nifty shirts. Me likes. Then my grandma came to pick us up and I drove to Blockbuster, but I didn't go to the one I usually go to.. Nooo.. We went to the closer one... Had to go to the closer one. psh. Anyways. Kim Campbell apparently works there. I havn't seen her in 50 years. Anyways.. we had to find what we wanted, which took a good while cuz all the good movies were gone, so we got KillBill 1&2 and Taking Lives, and then a coupon cuz they were out of Johnson's Family Vacation. So.. we were gunna use my unlimited rental movie pass thinggy mabopper, and then she said that my acct didnt show up and of course I didn't have my card with me, so I went and got it out of the car where I conviently left it a week ago and then came back in and she punched in the number or whatnot and she siad there was a hold on the one somewhere.. I dunno.. the one we used to go to before we started going to the one by Eckerd. But anyway.. I apparently had a $4 late fee and I had no money cuz I spent it all at Target, so she put that I could pay it on my next visit, so we were all set to get the movies and then she said the friggin movie pass is only good at the one Blockbuster u get it from. Well fuck a cow! That would have been helpful to know BEFORE we spent all that time with the card n such.. or it would have been helpful to know when we actually purchased it to begin with.. These Blockbuster folk aint doin their jobs..

So anyway.. We went to the other Blockbuster (the normal one, that we should have went to to begin with) and Laci Millson was working there so we went and found the movies we wanted (some ppl came in I REALLY didn't care to see.. like.ever.), but they didn't have Taking Lives, so we got a coupon for it (bah.. stupid gay coupons) and got Kill Bill2 and Johnson's Family Vacation (gay coupon from other store didn't work at this store) but anyway... then the friggin lady girl person says that the friggin movie pass expired on the 15th and of course I've been in school so I havn't been renting movies, so I said that I thought that it was supposed to renew itself at the end of that month or whatever and the guy that came up said that the credit card 'expired'.. It was debit.. debit doesn't expire.. so apparently my dear motherface didn't have money on the card at the time that they tried to withdraw the payment.. so we left that Blockbuster too... still with no movies.. FUCK. That's all I have to say about that 'FUCK'. I waste of 2 hrs of my life! I can never get that time back.. never.

Anyway... I was really really insanely pissed off and when I was driving I wasn't paying attention to what the hell I wasdoing or where I was going and I kept having to turn around and what not. Boo to being pissed off at Blockbuster.

Then I went to Paula's for a little while.. They were having a little 'party' thing.. they always have 'parties' at her house.. and of course.. they had food.. always have food.. I don't know if that's a Paula's family thing or a Filipino thing, but anyway.. so I ate some of this chicken-turkey-bird thing and then Paula was like "What's this?" and opened this pot on the stove and her mom went "Goat" ... I was like WHAT?!?! I flipped out. YOU.DON'T.EAT.GOAT!!! Goats are friends! Goats are Pets!! GOATS.ARE.NOT.FOOD!!!!!!! grrrr. Poor, Poor, mutilated goat! That made me extremely sad.

Then I found out someone got friggin infested.. friggin contaminated.. by a bitchslutwhore. Damn him for falling for her sluttish ways! I told him to stay away.. but nooo

Anyway.. then I read Corey's away message and it said something about coming to live with his dad. Fuck him. He better stay in Pennsylvannia. I'm HIGHLY pissed off at him. Fuck him. Fuck Him hardcore.

I'm such a great person.

Anyway.. what else? Jon said he loved Paula more than me. Fuck him. Then me and Paula looked up some Xangas. Everybody and their friggin dog has a Xanga. Paula has a Xanga. lol

Xangas depressed me. :( <~~~ that's me being sad.

Anyways... I had a horribly horrible evening and I am extremely ticked off... writing this has made me re-mad.

o yeah... Danielle send me this

WHY? Bob.can.not.die! Bob dies, I die.

Damn. Goat died. Bob died. All that Ashley lives for is gone.. I shall perish slowly and painfully... goodbye..
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