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Real update later

1) Starting Time: 4:41 AM
2) Name: Ashley
3) Nicknames: hmm.. I should protest Tammy and not put any of her nicknames down, but since most are from her.. here goes : Ashamundo, Ash, Ashlanga, Ashalangadingdong (or something to that effect), Feepit, and every so often Danielle will call me "Winters"
4) School: Some ppl call it DHS... I call it Hell
5) Hair color: brownish redish weirdishness
6) Eyes: dark brown
7) Height: 5'3-5'4 (I think I've gotten taller lately)
8) Siblings: one full sister, 4 half sisters, 1 kinda brother
9) Ever Been So Drunk You Black Out: nope.. have not had that pleasure.
10) Missed School Because It Was Raining: I think I've missed school WHEN it was raining but not BECAUSE it was raining.. I have better excuses than that.. no, wait.. no I don't..
11) Set Any Body Part On Fire For Amusement: I like fire. I like to set things on fire.
13) Had An Imaginary Friend: I don't think so. I always wanted one tho. Guess I'm not imaginative enough..
14) Wanted To Hook Up With A Friend: yes.. I have learned to keep my mouth shut when liking friend. It usually passes anyway.
15) Cried During A Flick: A few times.. I'm not much of crier
16) Ever Liked A Teacher: yes.. there were some cute teachers up at Reed... coach Morgan and that one dude..
17) Ever Thought An Animated character was hot: yes.. That guy from coyboy Bebop, the guy on the cover of Johnny Tremain (or Across Five Aprils.. I forget which), and there's a ton more that I can't think of..
18) Ever Prank Called Someone: hahaha me n paula used to do that all the time.. I called this one guy and asked for Bob then a Bob got on the fucking phone!
19) Deodorant: that blue kind.. light blue.. with pink and white writing... *shrug*
20) Shampoo: Mane N Tail, Garnier Fructice, and/or Pantene ProV
21) Soap: Bath N Body Works/ Irish Spring
22) Colors: orange and blue
23) favorite TV station: Disney, MTV, VH1, WB
24) Kind of music: country, rock, oldies
25) satin or silk: silk (I don't know what satin is lol)
26) favorite Cartoon Character: I dunno.. spongebob I guess..? Nerdy Spongebob is the best
27) Have a bf/gf: umm.. I'm not sure.. I'm thinking no.. lol
28) Love anyone: I love ppl.. even tho I don't belive in love (no I will not explain that. Don't ask)
29) Loudest Friend: Danielle when she gets all wantin-to-act-black-like
30) Who is the smartest: Paula or Corey prolly
31) Who Do You Go to For Advice: usually no one.. sometimes I will ask someone if I know they are educated in what I need advise in.
32) Do You Cry: sometimes..
33) Been Mean: never..
34) Been sarcastic: that was not sarcasm above this..
35) Talked To Someone You Have A Crush On: usually I talk to them before I get the crush.. so I'm thinking yes..
36) Missed Someone: o so much! Where is Jon and Jessica?!
38) Fought with your parents: my mom.. I don't see my dad long enough to fight with him.. but Iluvmymommy
39) Ever wish upon A Star: when I was younger and more nieve (dont know how to spell that)
40) Laughed Until You Cried: lots.. I love to laugh.. even tho I laugh retarded
41) Watched A Sunrise/Sunset: yeah..
42) Went 2 The Beach @ Nite: nope :-/
43) Are you happy right now: nope
44) Are you talkin to sumone: I was till Danielle left me! It's dark outside! It's still night!
---------DO YOU BELIEVE IN----------

45) God/Devil: yes
46) Loving someone? no
47) The Big Bang Theory: no
48) Heaven/Hell: yes
49) Who Named You? my mom... my dad didnt want to name me Ashley cuz he said that was a dog's name lol
50) When Was The Last Time You Showered: this morning
51) What is right next 2 you: lots of shit.. need to clean
52) What Is Your Computer Desk Made Of? they say its wood, but I know it's plood (plastic wood, like pleather)
53) What Are The Last 4 Digits In You Phone: 9669 (that looks like a fake number.. but its not)
54) What Was The Last Thing You Ate? catfish cuz my mom thinks its good but its not so i got stuck eatting it
56) Who Do You Wanna Spend The Rest Of Your Life With: cuz 17 yr olds are supposed to know who they plan on spending ther rest of their lives with... ?
57) How Many Buddies Do You Have On Your List: i dunno cuz I'm signed off (cuz Danielle left me!) but like 80, maybe? half of those are Danielle and Jessica.. they like to make 10 sns for some reason..
58) How's The Weather Right Now: it feels good rightnow.. it was 105 earlier... damn TX weather
59) Have You Ever Smoked Pot: nope..
60) Do You Eat Oreos: I don't like Oreos.. they remind me of Mariko
62) Favorite Song: I like a lot of songs.. I'm not sure my favorite..
63) Favorite Food: I like broccoli
65) Are You To Shy To Ask A Boy/Girl Out? I wouldn't "ask a boy out".. I'm not too shy to tell them I like them tho..
66) If u Could Change ur Name, what would it be? I dunno.. Ashley is a common name.. and I share it with a lot of bitches.. so I'm thinking Cremishila would be good..
67) Firstborn son's name will be: I like Ezra and Parker.. I want twin boys.. I had their names picked out, but I forgot
68) Daughter's Name Will Be: I don't know.. I want a boy first (not that I can pick..)
70) Do You Like Scary Or Happy Movies? I like stupid comedies..
71) Do You Like Talking To People On The phone or in person? I'm not much for the phone.. I prefer computer or person
72) Lust Or Love? lust I guess...
73) Do You Consider Cheerleading A Sport: no
74) Do You Want Your Friends To Do This And Send it back: I don't give a flying monkey's ass
75) How much time did you spend on this quiz(so far): too fucking long!
76) Why do you bother sending chain letters? I yell at ppl who send me chainletters..
77) Have u ever had a hickie: nope
78) What's the best flavor of tic-tac? orange
79) What's your favorite language you can't speak? how many languages do u think I can speak.. good lord.. I only know tha one..
80) Dyfunctional family?: just a lot
81) Anything to do: I'm guessing this means favorite thing to do.. so I guess the movies or mall with super cool ppl like Tammy, dani, and paula
82) Favorite Sports?: baseball and hockey
83) Who are your closest friends?: Jessica, Paula, Danielle, Tammy, Jon... I'm missing someone...?
84) Finishing time: 5:10 AM (bed time)
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