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Why do u say I pop the pills? I do not pop them.. I take them and I eat them!

Jessica called me this morning. No.. not morning.. @ 4:00pm. She woke me up tho. I didn't know who it was, I thought it was her but I wasn't sure.. it made me happy. I havn't talked to her in months.

I heard the door open and I turned around and Josh was standing there. I was like holy shit! He walked in and gave me a hug and I was too shocked to say anything. Then Jackie came in. She's getting so big. It's so cute! She's due in November. I like Jackie.. She's so sweet. The doctor recommended that Josh come home for 3 weeks. He's trying to get full disability from the Marines for his eye. He's like fully blind in his right eye, but as far as we know he's not going to lose it.

Lacey's due at the beginning of August. Nici and Jeanie should have their babies pretty close together. I'm like the only person that isn't pregnant. Hopefully it stays like that for a LONG time.. I don't want a baby anytime soon.

Danielle is back. yay. Now I have someone to talk to. Damn her for not talking to me for so long! ..And Tammy. Damn her for not talking to me for so long as well.. damn them both hard.

hmm.. guess that's all for now..
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