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I hope she's happy with him...

Saturday and Sunday sucked ass. Sucked, sucked, sucked. I spent most of the time in my room listening to music. bah. Bad days.

Today was okay. My mom woke me up early to go shopping. We went to WalMart and we bought my sister a lot of baby stuff. I bought it a rainbow shirt and a bib that says "fruit" and has a watermelon and strawberry on it. I told her that if it's a boy he's still going to wear them. We're gunna have us a little fag. I stole her some socks. They're white with little pink hearts on them. If she has a boy I'm gunna take a picture of it wearing them. lol My grandma STOLE Passion of the Christ.. She's going to Hell. lol

Then we went to Sam's and bought a lot of shit. We put in our film. Between me and my mom we had like 8 cameras. When we get them out I think we're gunna buy some ink. Then I can scan pictures. yay. I bought a big ass box of laffy taffys. The stretchy/tangy bar kinds. yum.

Yay, tomorrow I get my yearbook. Maybe I'll try to get to school early and go get it with Paula. Anyways.. mother wants on.
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